HOME MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR well-maintained house or property is worth more. Because of this, it is important to regularly maintain your home. Constructions in Cyprus is high standards of home maintenance and repair services are happy to take care and repair! Due to our experiences with the building of various residences, we have acquired insights and knowledge on home maintenance. Through this, we are able to execute the most efficient maintenance activities, give advice and guide the maintenance procedures.
Multi-year maintenance plan
Larger, dated residences such as monumental mansions, and canal houses sometimes require a multi-year maintenance plan to prevent unnecessary surprises. With such a plan, we will perform maintenance periodically, repairing certain aspects if required, or undertaking renovation activities. Through this, your home will stay in mint condition!
Small accidents repair ball through the window or fallen roof tiles, accidents will happen. Even with broken windows or storm damage, we are able to perform short-term maintenance on your residence. While we are at it, we will also assist with handling the insurance.

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Building / repairing swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Repairs are carried out by expert and fully qualified ISPE certified engineers quickly and efficiently so you can get back to enjoying your pool.
– Plug sockets, move switches, move
– Replacing lights, replace

Stone Decor & cladding

Decostones specializes in stone wall cladding products and accessories. We sell the best quality manufactured stone veneer, Stone cladding is perfect for both, the interior and exterior of your house. It is a popular choice for fireplace chimney breast decorative cladding, TV feature walls, outdoor fireplaces and others. It is great for external wall cladding and it is often used for decoration of domestic and commercial properties.

Roof insulation

It is very important to properly install the roof insulation on the inside to prevent moisture problems. The expertise and experience of a professional is certainly needed for this important job. Moisture can enter the roof construction from both the outside and the inside. The layer that normally ensures the removal of this moisture is filled with insulating material with the insulation.
To prevent moisture problems, it is important to apply the material 100% airtight. In addition, in the case of roof insulation, a vapor barrier film is also applied on the inside to prevent condensation from penetrating into the insulation material. A vapor-permeable film is applied to the roof side of the insulation material to remove any moisture outside.

Complete Renovation

If you are looking for a construction company that can do anything for you, from new construction to renovation, restoration, and customization work, Dama Renovation is your choice.
– Custom work
– New construction and renovations
– Restoration
– Manteinance
– interior design
– Demolition

Bathroom renovation

We can renovate your entire bathroom. From bad to shower, floors, and washbasin furniture. The full bathroom renovation is carried out by our own expert assembly team.
Constructions in Cyprus do not work with standard advisory prices but realize your bathroom for a crisp and transparent price. We stand for quality and service to the smallest details to ensure that you are 100% satisfied as a customer!
– Bathroom design to your wishes
– Demolish your old bathroom
– Floor and wall tiles
– Plaster your bathroom
– Lighting installation
– Own professional assembly service

Plastering and painting

Our services consist of all kinds of plastering and painting work. We will discuss everything in advance and also provide a free quotation whenever necessary. Our workmanship is formed by the right combination of professional workers, using quality materials and extensive knowledge and insight.
We are happy to assist our clients with materials, formats, color and product advice.
– Painting inside and outside
– All type of plaster work
– Ceilings, walls, windows, doors
– Professional materials
– Thorough knowledge and insight
– Affordable


Spacious experience with electrical engineering work for private houses and offices. We provide electrical engineering installations of new construction and offer renovations. For all your electrical work in your home or company, you can contact Dama Renovation.
Do you have questions about your electrical installation? Should your electricity be expanded in your kitchen or in your living room? Should your old system be replaced? We are happy to discuss everything with you and give advice on what is possible.
– Place new group electricity, create pipelines for new groups
– Kitchen preparation electricity
– Replace earthwire switch, renew wiring
– Set up the main switch, correct grounding
– Plug sockets, move switches, move
– Replacing lights, replace


Whether it is the installation of gas or water pipelines, the installation of central heating or the installation of sanitary facilities, Dama Renovation performs it professionally. The main activities of our plumbers are:
– Central heating
– Water pipelines
– Gas pipelines
– Sewerage system
– Roofing and rainwater drainage
– Ground management

Floor Specialist

More than 10 years of experience in floor maintenance and installation. We put laminate parquet, tiles, natural stone and underfloor heating.
– Underfloor heating
– Laminate
– Tails
– Parket
– Natural stone
– Concrete floor

Gardens and Terrace

Do you have little time for gardening? Or not really sure how to best handle a garden design? The associated specialists at Dama Renovation are happy to assist you. We can not only help you with the garden construction, but also tailing your terrace.
– Construction of new gardens
– Renovation of parts of existing gardens
– Tailing terraces
– Maintain or improve your existing garden
– Garden lighting
– Prune

Carpenter Work

Specialized in all carpentry works: new construction, renovation, and restoration work. Also work for your interior. Dama Renovation carpenters are graduate artisan furniture-maker.
– Delivery, installation or replacement of windows, doors and windows
– Installation or replacement of ceilings
– New placement or replacement of skylights, roof windows
– Timber jobs small or large
– Custom made furniture
– Specializing in wall paneling, radiator linings, panel door cabinets, sliding wardrobes, tables and all furniture for your or our design

Acoustic spraying

Do you want to achieve a higher acoustic ceiling requirement in a room? In that case there is no easier application such as acoustic spraying, the acoustic value does have its limit. The aesthetic appearance of the spraying (flakes/granules) must also be taken into account.

Windows and doors

Steel or wooden frames and doors can be supplied according to the client’s wishes. By supplying a clear working drawing with indication of door type number and location, many errors are excluded. We tailor-make the doors by digitally measuring them in advance, which ensures that the doors are installed at a rapid pace. Take into account longer delivery times for custom-made and fire-resistant doors.

Wallpaper works

The space gets its own face with the wallpaper. Private individuals often wallpaper themselves, but on a project basis there is definitely a need for craftsmanship. A wide range of patterns and structures provide a clean and solid finish to the room. As a client, it is important to check out several optional wallpaper types due to large price differences, but there are plenty of alternatives.

MS ceilings

Just like with walls, metal stud skeletons are often used for ceilings. It is easy to work with, quick to install and, above all, light. Compared to a wooden skeleton, a Metal Stud skeleton does not suffer from ‘functioning’. It does not expand and a straight surface is always used because the C-Profiles are clamped in the U-Profiles.
Walls of glass

Walls of glass

Glass walls are the trend in the office world. The space remains open, but so do acoustically strong separations. There are options for the color of the profiles as well as single or double glass walls. As well as in combination with beautiful cupboard walls.
Painting Work

Painting Work

The sauce of walls and ceilings, where do we not see it. The final finish that catches the eye of the users of a building. Painting of various parts such as walls/ceilings/frames and interior should be done with precision and care. For large areas, spraying will be preferred due to faster process and accuracy.


We provides floors from Fermacell to PVC, as well as from concrete to Cast floor. The possibilities should therefore be examined before starting a project.
Many options are possible in terms of floors. Sound insulation and impact sound from the floor have been given high priority in recent years to increase the living comfort for the user. With an eye to the budget, it is desirable to inquire about the possibilities and appearance that is expected. For a complete finish, it is optional to have skirting boards supplied by Construction Cyprus Co.